Effectively articulate game design elements and mechanics across disciplines utilizing written and verbal communication skills

One of the most important elements of game design is the ability to communicate ideas effectively to all relevant disciplines.  Alongside Austin's extensive leadership experience during his time at UAT, he's successfully greenlit 2 projects over 4 consecutive semesters.  Austin has been praised both by faculty and other students for his ability to communicate ideas effectively during pitches.

Below are examples of different pitches and milestone reviews where Austin effectively communicates game mechanics to large audiences of other developers:


Austin has also written a wide range of documentation associated with his various games.  Most relevantly, Austin initially developed the TelePersistence Movement Engine (formerly the movement system for Call Center Simulator) via design documentation.  Alongside movement system documentation, Austin has both authored and contributed to several design documents meant specifically to help communicate ideas to non-design disciplines:

Call Center Simulator - Movement Documentation
Call Center Simulator - Game Design Document
TelePersistence Movement Engine - Innovation Brief
Communication Meltdown - Game Design Document

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