Create and implement game elements, systems and play mechanics using industry standard tools, techniques and production methods, including both art and scripting/programming applications

In the summer of 2017 Austin developed 2 games as a solo developer.  The first of those games was My Playable Portfolio.  Developed in Unreal Engine 4, Austin modeled the vast majority of the art, programmed the game himself and successfully delivered a narrative about the struggles associated with developing video games.  Using a network of triggers, My Playable Portfolio. guides players through it's narrative by way of extensive voice acting.  Using a series of triggers, Austin was able to deliver flowing narration that feels similar to a video blog or live stream.

My Playable Portfolio. is a single-player narrative experience intended for release on PC.  The game follows a game designer as he uses his portfolio to reflect on his life as a game design student.  Austin Herrington narrates the experience in a reflection on the loss of inspiration.



Project Lead
Lead Designer
Set Design
Lighting Design
Sound Design
3D Modelling
Narrative Design
Voice Acting


Unreal Engine 4




Austin's second 2017 solo endeavor was PINKYMON!, a special game mode created for DOOM using the snapmap game editor.  PINKYMON! allows players to fight alongside their very own PoketMonster as they journey together from Pallet Town to the Pewter Gym!

The game required scripting a currency into the game, as well as shops, friendly Pinkymon, and all of the standard doors and triggers necessary to make a really great DOOM level.

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